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Our company, which was established in the İ.O.S.B in 2013, produces special condensers and evaporators for its customers. As a Vistherm Ltd. Şti. we realize all our productions in a high quality and cost effective way. We start the production process as a result of the technical studies that our customers will give or that we will do for them. However, we have adopted the principle of ontime delivery. Our company, which produces evaporators, condensers, water batteries, steam batteries, dry coolers and oem exchangers, meets the finned heat exchanger needs of many domestic and foreign companies. Having important knowledge and experience as one of the innovative and dynamic manufacturers of the sector, Vistherm continues its machinery investments and product development studies in order to adapt rapidly to changing world conditions. Operating in its facility in İkitelli organized industrial zone, Vistherm continues to be one of the important representatives of the sector with its experienced and expert staff.

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  • BDT (Bağımsız Ülkeler Topluluğu eski Sovyetler Birliği); Özbekistan, Türkmenistan, Kazakistan, Kırgızistan, Azerbaycan

  • MENA (Orta Doğu ve Kuzey Afrika); Irak, Suudi Arabistan, Katar, Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri, Bahreyn, Filistin, Mısır, Libya, Tunus, Cezayir, Fas,

  • SAHRA ALTI AFRİKA Nijerya, Gana, Senegal

  • AVRUPA VE AVRASYA Rusya, Letonya, İrlanda,

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